MyPC is the leading web based computer booking solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage.

Widely used within education and public libraries, MyPC allows users to view computer availability and make online reservations via a smartphone, tablet or computer. This creates a self-service environment, drastically reducing staff involvement. MyPC eliminates the need for paper-based booking systems or spreadsheets and is fully customisable to incorporate your organisation’s colours and logos.
Where you have a variety of hardware or software offerings, intuitive search filters enable users to easily locate their computer of choice.
MyPC promotes fair usage by determining how often and how long each user is allowed. Restrictions can be tightened during peak times and relaxed when demand for computers is low.
MyPC enables staff to send messages easily, even anonymously, to any computer user. Whether you use predefined or open text messages, there is no need to physically approach users. Possible confrontations are avoided, cultivating a more studious environment.
MyPC includes an optional user-surveillance tool, iSPY, to allow staff to view users’ screens. Handy if you wish to see if inappropriate material is being viewed on your computer resources.
Integrates with your library management system to inform users of their library fines and outstanding items and even ban them from reserving a computer until they have addressed the issue. This helps you to get books back on time for other users and reduce costs incurred in sending postal reminders.
Comprehensive reports identify computers that are under or over utilised ensuring the optimum return on investment for your hardware.
MyPC provides comprehensive web-based reports, available in a variety of formats including CSV. Anyone who needs statistics can receive them daily, weekly or monthly, delivered automatically by email.
Print or automatically send email booking receipts to users confirming their bookings.
MyPC supports end-user authentication against your network directory (including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RM or LDAP) or your library management system and does not replace your logon mechanism or require the use of generic or “service” accounts. Wake up workstations at opening time using Wake-on-LAN and power them down at closing.
Power up workstations at opening time using Wake-on-LAN and power them down at closing.
MyPC supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
MyPC also includes booking options for iPhone, android and other smartphones including tablets.

Supports Windows, Novell & RM networks, SIP2

Supports Windows and Macintosh clients

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V6.2.0.11 Win Client V3.3 Mac Shipping

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Having MyPC means we can stop people with overdue library resources from using our facilities. This has been effective in retrieving items as students want to have access to the PCs and therefore return items they might have otherwise just kept. It also means LRC staff time is now spent supporting students and managing behaviour rather than booking people on and off computers.
Rosie Quelch, Network Engineer, Isle of Wight College

MyPC booking system has made a huge difference to the library environment for both our counter staff and the general public. The MyPC booking process runs very well and is really easy to use for both staff and our customers. The librarians are much happier now that the MyPC system takes away the need for them to book customers onto the PCs. We cannot wait to roll it out to all our other libraries very soon!
Tracey Williams Project Manager for Libraries, Bridgend CBC

It has become clear that the work of the Library and its Technology Suite would have been virtually unmanageable without MyPC. The system is simple and clear to use, for both staff and students and is easily customised, any changes to the on screen messages taking effect immediately. An unforeseen benefit of the system is that it has forced students to take responsibility for their study time and also possession of their student cards.
Charlie Rosie (Library Manager) and Amanda Craig (Flexible IT Administrator) Angus College
MyPC has definitely revolutionised the way we run our open access computing. Both students and staff got used to the system very quickly, and the benefits have been enormous.
Janis Reid and Graeme Hodge Learning Resource Centre North East Surrey College of Technology
We’d never go back to the old system now. We mainly bought MyPC as a way of controlling bookings, which it does very effectively, but we didn’t expect the other things that came with it – mostly, the improved behaviour of students and a more studious atmosphere throughout the LRCs.
Liz Wyman, LRC Manager Newcastle-under-Lyme-College
For LRC staff using the system the benefits were immediate. Staff have found the system very user friendly and intuitive to use. No longer did we have queues at the service desk; no longer were we required to intervene in disputes.
Helena Taylor, Faculty Librarian / Campus Library Manager Hartpury College
MyPC definitely ensures that all our students are empowered to manage their time and their workload more effectively and without the frustration and panic which comes from searching for the elusive "free" computer at crucial times, and we all know that students always leave their work for submission to the very last minute!
Laraine Cooper, Head of Learning Resources Lincoln College
We regard MyPC as the best purchase we have made in years, and wish we had done it sooner. We would recommend the system to anyone wanting to put the "learning" back in their learning resource centre. ITS provided truly exemplary support and guidance on the setup of the system from the beginning, talking us through the options and demonstrating considerable knowledge and experience of the real-world issues involved.
Steve Cropper (Learning Resources Manager) Wirral Metropolitan College
Our previous booking system had not been web based…Since MyPC is, it is far easier to manage and if we lose a desk pc we just drop in another pc with a standard web browser and off you go. At first I was concerned that the new system would present our staff with a steep learning curve that could have overwhelmed them – especially those that had no experience of using a booking system. However, after the first week, we were pleasantly surprised that all learning centre staff were using it without any major issues
Richard Houghton, MLE & Business Systems Administrator, Chesterfield College
Students are taking control of their own learning and booking computers in advance when they know they will need one. We’d never go back to the old system now. We mainly bought MyPC as a way of controlling bookings, which it does very effectively, but we didn’t expect the other things that came with it – mostly, the improved behaviour of students and a more studious atmosphere throughout the LRCs.
Liz Wyman, Learning Resources Manager , Newcastle-under-Lyme- College
The main benefit for students is that they now have a way of guaranteeing a PC for their use when they come into the building… there is no need for staff involvement and bookings can be made anytime and from anywhere. From a Technical Administrators point of view, making changes have been trouble-free and the ITS Technical Support team have been excellent in responding to our questions.
Mr Daniel Courtney, IT Services Manager, University of Sheffield
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